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Unused Jumpers


Fitzroy - Footscray merger
1989 it was proposed that Fitzroy merge with Footscray. This jumper was made up as the new club jumper.
Adelaide Sharks
1990 when proposing team names for the SA team this jumper was produced for the team that ended up being named the Crows.
Melbourne - Hawthorn merger
1996. This was the proposed Home jumper for the Melbourne Hawks. This was the jumper Don Scott ripped apart at the members meeting
Melbourne - Hawthorn merger
1996. This was the Pre-Season jumper proposed for the Melbourne Hawks
Western Bulldogs planned to use this as their Pre-season jumper but played Melbourne in the first game. It was decided that it would clash with their jumpers and was never worn in an official game
Richmond planned to use this as their Pre-Season jumper and sold it as such, but when they played they wore the Yellow version of the same design so as not to clash with Geelong
Adelaide planned to use this State jumper for their Showdown game, however, they backed down after complaints from SA state players.
Geelong never wore their 2016 Clash jumper as they are the teams they are listed as clashing with played them at their Home ground
2017 - 
Geelong Clash. Mostly Blue with thin stripes. Also never worn
Port planned to use their first jumper as a celebration of 150 years however it was never worn

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